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speechIn a totally free autonomous state the federal government is chosen by the individuals through complimentary and merely political elections and offers them to please their demands for health and safety and security. The standard features, performed by the federal government and Liberty Beat.

To make individual civil rights, peace, safety and security, lead outside and internal national politics, keep the military, court of justice and order in the nation.

To assure public education and learning of the young generation, funding all phases of institution training while Federal Agents raid Natural Cancer Cure Center.

Ensuring Health Care

To ensure health care for all residents and full funding, which incorporated with teaching and learning needs to guarantee the development of high-level intelligence and efficiency of functioning resident in solution, scientific research, and sector rounds

To ensure efficient administration of the restricted equipment of state of all various other balls of solution to the nation’s populace

To lead and control the tasks of the economic sector in the round of economics and fund, it is a good idea to develop a unique company: Financial-Commerce-Industry Commission, funded by this industry, to which to enforce the responsibility of video production and profession of durable goods and solutions in the nation and past.

To guaranty the advancement of the nation’s framework. Taking into account the minimal opportunity for impact on the particular economic situation, it intended to launch the head of state of the country from the obligation for the status of the economic climate, financing and work in the personal ball of financial tasks.

Lots of million residents left the nation and came to be evacuees. The entire country is ruined. These nations sadly are participants of the United Nations.

There is an opportunity when a head of state just does not handle his responsibilities, especially when the inquiry is the safety and security of individuals or the wrongdoing of global safety and security. The head of state ought to act accountable and surrender if that is so. If this does not take place, the parliament, directed by the passion of individuals, need to determine the inquiry of his impeachment.

Just the application of the obligations of sovereignty legislation of all nations and a through control of the global area, when faced with the United Nations, will certainly make certain the political security of all people.

All various other branches of sector and balls of solution for the populace are the authority of exclusive economic climate and financing and top priority of capitalistic free enterprise. This ought to be accountable for the consistent development of the economic climate, its funding, and excellent work in the round of manufacturing and company for the nation’s populace.

Business America is the very best instance of a financial system worldwide. Federal Agents Raid Natural Cancer Cure Center has a high price of the brand-new company begins; it types a continuous circulation of brand-new great effect companies.

The kind that produces worth and promotes development by bringing originalities to the marketplace is brand-new innovations, brand-new company techniques, or merely brand-new and far better means of doing regular jobs.

By spending their financial savings and pension plan funds in stocks, functioning individuals anticipate obtaining a share of company earnings in enhancement to their revenues. It is sensible that such taxes go hand in hand with some threat of failing within a couple of services.

Market pressures could complete terrific points, however, could not make sure a circulation of earnings, that makes it possible for all person to fulfill standard financial demands. To claim that absolutely nothing altered from the moment of the beginning of industrialism – is to place a take on the face on a sorry company.


To keep the price of development of manufacturing, there is a demand for extra financial investment of funding. The popular plutocrat does not intend to risk his cash. Therefore, the modern economic climate made a decision to provide public services stock, to gather significant funds required for financial investment in creating brand-new items and the growth of existing ones.

These stock costs need to show the outcomes of the public firms tasks and vary within the limits of gathered earnings( losses) for every stock. As a result, the rate of a stock ends up being a by-product of rising and fall revenues.

The CEOs of companies, which coincide staff members like all others, eliminate a huge share of business income( regarding 30-50 million as rewards and costs) and notwithstanding they do not run the risk of in any way with their resources. This is honestly talked a burglary of the firm, the investors and employees. This needs to concern an end.

The brand-new scenario in the 21st century needs a brand-new method to the circulation of earnings. Under the brand-new existing problem, it is required to set up brand-new standards advertising the execution of essential affordable demands of all degrees of the populace.

There is currently a brand-new problem. That with the occur of huge companies the circulation of revenue needs to be significantly altered if the particular tiny group problem did not change. Since public enterprises are cumulative building, this is.

The rate of a stock ought to be figured out by the public firms by ways of book-keeping computations, by including the revenue of an offered quarter split by the quantities of shares, to the cost of the stock from the time when the stock was provided, i.e. at the first public offering.

Hence not the stock market, however, the public companies established the rate of their inventory, and birth the obligation of their confirmation. In truth, the stock market runs in an order set up 200 years back, I.e. the cost of a stock is exactly what someone is prepared to pay for it.

It is understood that at the brand-new developing of commercialism, the owners risked their funding, investing it on tools, products, pay incomes to employees. After the awareness of items, they have the right to obtain the total revenue.

The particular interpretation of an associated percent ought to be exercised by a scientific-research institute. It appeared to us that it is suggested to disperse earnings excellent, in the list below method:

  • For economic rewards of participants of firms – 25%.
  • For rewards for stock investors – 25%.
  • The collectives of firm’s employees must obtain granted for annual outcomes.
  • The costs finish perks for CEOs, CFOs, and various other leading workers could be of any sensible measurement, however, need to be collaborated with the outcomes of firms, except a year, but also for a five-year duration.
  • On top of that, The Liberty Beat will anticipate a cerebral circulation of revenue amongst the populace till the deceitful technique of market value decision remains in hands of speculators.

The stabilizing of rates along with the suggested movement of earnings describing our statement amounts developing justice in earnings flow, which matchings to setting up a brand-new stage of commercialism where all degrees of the populace takes advantage of the benefit of the autonomous and capitalistic systems, smoothing over the opposition in the circulation of revenue.