Published On: Thu, Jun 6th, 2013

Peaceful Streets Project Founder Antonio Buehler Walks with $1 Fine in Latest Trial

By: Julie Wilson and John Bush

Police accountability activist and founder of the Peaceful Streets Project Antonio Buehler has struck back against the legal system yet again and won, well sort of won.  Previously, Buehler was charged with a felony for spitting on a police officer, but charges were dismissed in April. This time Buehler found himself at the mercy of the legal system yet again for exercising his first amendment rights at a court watch in Gonzalez, Texas. On March 13 Buehler was exiting the courthouse premises when a police officer told him if he returned he would face criminal charges, Buehler told the officer to go F himself and was subsequently arrested. Yesterday Buehler represented himself in the Gonzalez court room for a trial that lasted seven hours.  The judge who oversaw the trial was the same judge who on March 13th had confiscated Buehler’s camera and threatened him with arrest for filming in her courtroom.  Even though 2 of the 6 jurors had police officers in their families, the trial concluded with a guilty verdict and a $1 fine as a penalty. Buehler, who represented himself, used jury nullification and an appeal to the first amendment as a defense.  Buehler plans to appeal the $1 fine.


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  • Terry Brock

    Con-grads on the $1 outcome. Something needs to be done about that judge, like so many more.

    • Terry Brock

      My problem started in east Texas, Woodville, right next to Jasper. The bastard that got hold of me is Pat Hardy, district attorney. Same guy with the BALD HEAD, WHITE SUIT, LIFTING THE CHAIN OUT OF THE BOX SHOWING IT TO THE COURTROOM. One of the deputies told me not to go back down there or they were going to kill me. If you’ve got some real heavy balls, I know some cops and others that needed to loose their jobs a long time ago. My story is a very long one and when I tell it you will know there is no way I could just make that shit up and it makes perfect sense. I am being treated for ptsd. If there had been information technology then like we have today. I may have never had my eyes opened to the problem we have, law enforcement and government, the worlds largest gang of organized criminals. My case involved city cops and city judge in Gatesville. I was getting divorced. Ex is now a retired parole officer. Her lawyer was the city judge. He literally came in a cop car with a cop to harass me about a property issue that had not been settled. I cussed them real good and went about my business. Shortly after the divorce, I threw apiece of pipe at her car. Then it was on. Cops came to arrest me. 3 cars, at least 5 punks riding in them. They came to my front door. I tried to get out the back door. The door knob came off in my hand. One guy got his arm around my neck from behind and they threw me face down and cuffed me. They charged me with 2 counts of aggravated assault on an officer. The indictments said bodily injury with fists. What these guy didn’t know was that I had almost just got out of jail in Woodville and was on probation. While in jail in Woodville, very frustrated, I smacked a flat steel wall, hard, with my right fist and broke 2 bones. I had to go to work, the doctor wouldn’t take the cast off so me and my brother, who I don’t speak to for 7 years because he went to DPS academy and is trouper, me and wy brother took the cast off with a pair of wire cutters. My brother I love. That’s why I’m so pissed off at him, but I don’t believe he will protect them if they go to trial. Back to my story. The DA in Woodvile was standing on the other side of the wall I hit that broke my hand. He, deputized by sheriff, carries agun constantly, he and another cop were the ones that took me to the hospital, bones sticking out. That son of a bitch knows god damn well I didn’t beat up no 2 or 3 cops with a broke hand. The bastards in Gatesville, Coryell Co. never did anything to me after I made bond. They didn’t have too. The city cops in Gatesville got with PATRIC O HARDY, DA in TYLER Co. to revoke my probation there. I’m sure you know that there is no jury in a revocation hearing. They had no witnesses except the cops. 2 cops from Gatesville both testified of cuts over both eyes bruises and torn clothes. most cops are trained in hand to hand and have weapons, there was 4or5 of them. If their story is true that makes them the biggest pussy cops to ever walk the face of the earth. The 2 that testified were Paul Franks, already lost his “peace keepers license”. Last I heard he was feeding pigs for a living in Jonesboro, and Claton Williams, now a cop in Waco. Decorated sniper instructor and more. I wasn’t looking for him on face book when I found him about a year ago but I did and I’ve been dogging the shit out of him every time he posts anything. On Facebook , in an insulting way I contacted the sherrif we have now. In the end I literally cussed him out. Saved all of it. Check it my password is painintheass#1, was 1painintheass but I was getting hacked. I don’t think they are going to do anything to me no matter what I say or do as long as no threats or violence. I can just about rag them any way I want, because what I say is true , they know it, the old ones don’t want anybody to find out what really happened and the young ones won’t help me cause the old ones aren’t dead and because they are the worlds largest gang of organized criminals. Professional liars. Sheriff Burks just told me that Chief Williams, Police Chief at the time of this crimes, Father of Claton, Burks told me that Chief had passed away. I was ragging Claton so hard that he textedme and said “hey, I don’t like your post please remove it. Then his wife, who I had no knowledge of, texted me and says :who in the hell are you. I gave her a little info not much said I don’t owe her an explanation, he does. She an I conversed a little more and she told me Chief Williams is still alive. Professional liars I tell you. My confersation with her is saved too you can read yourself. Says she is not a cop. Claton posted a cop joke and she commented “are you really divorcing me”. That fucking cracked me up.

      I’d love to hear back from you. I need the knowledge and tools that you use cause I hate me some cops and besides spreading my faith in Yahweh, because protecting others from these punks is my passion.

  • citizen against big brother

    Guilty of judicial malfeasance. APPEAL brother! I support what you’re doing of course. I have backed off because I work on 6th Street now. I still support video taping of criminal, mentally ill, and drugged police being shielded by the blue line/chief Ass-ovedo.

    • citizen against big brother

      This also points up the waste of hard earned public money being cavalierly spent to prosecute for what amounts to everyday first amendment opinioned speech by district attorneys to busy to investigate crime in their community.

    • james s noble

      not the best outcome, but o.k. would like to see not guilty and that pig that arrested buehler nailed for civil rights abuse, then sued for the arrest and false charges.. incase the cop is reading this article, fuck off pig.

  • TigerLily

    Will read this article at the top of the hour on my radio show, TigerLily’s Freedom Roar on Freedomizer Radio. Antonio is my HERO!!!

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  • http://none david myers

    Antonio thanks for your attention and sacrifice standing up to these low life pigs. its no better in Michigan allot of prison money here. and these pigs here are keeping the prisons full and handing out ass whippings to innocent citizens.